About Experience Points

You gather experience points by being active on minecraftstuff.net and by contributing to minecraftstuff.net. Most activities on the site will increase your experience points. Experience points are used to unlock cool features reserved for active members. We are still developing and testing the experience point system, so if you have suggestions of cool unlockable features you would like to see, feel free to contact us.

How do I earn experience points?

Create a profile: 50 points
Upload content: 100 points
Post a comment: 10 points
Somebody votes your content up: 25 points
Somebody votes your content down: -25 points
Log in (granted once pr 24 hours): 1 point
Bookmark content (granted max 10 times pr day): 5 points
Somebody bookmarks your content: 10 points

What features can be unlocked?

We are working on adding many other cool unlockable features in the near future, so stay tuned, and feel free to inform us of any features you would like us to implement. The following features are allready available:

  • Connect to our incredibly cool Minecraft server (10 000 points)
  • Turn off advertisements on minecraftstuff.net (5000 points)

What features have I unlocked so far?

Sorry. You haven't unlocked any experience point features yet. Hang in there!

How did I earn my current points?