Dungeon Crawler

 Dungeon Crawler Dungeon Crawler Dungeon Crawler Dungeon Crawler Dungeon Crawler
Resolution: 16x16
Creator: dagothagahnim



This is my Texture pack, I call it 'Dungeon Crawler' because it makes everything darker, and the enemies harder to see. I made this Texture Pack because I felt exploring caves was a little too easy, so now everything is much darker, making your torches less effective visually (they still light up the same amount, but everything is now much darker, so it doesn't help you see as far.) Monsters are re-skinned to be much harder to see, and I did some basic tweaking of the item looks.List of what I did:-made everything darker-retextured basically everything in at least a small way-removed 'glare' or 'shinyness' from all items (iron and iron armor are a good example)-made skeletons almost completely black (WAY harder to see at night and in dark caves)-made Creepers rock-skinned, so they can sneak up more easily in caves, where I feel they are the scarriest.-made spiders brown, so they blend in better with trees.-changed the default Char skin to a miner w/ mining cap.-changed the appearance of various qualities of tools, for example:-wood and stone swords are now daggers-wood and stone shovels are now blunt shovels-gold sword is now a gold mace-iron items are the same as defaults, but darker colored-diamond items have been spruced up a little, while retaining the minecraft look-lower quality picks look noticibly less usefull-Zombie Pigs are now bloody instead of slimy-Ghasts are more grey instead of bright white-Pigmen have rambo headbands because it's funny

-The basic Hell block (one that stays lit forever) is tuned to look like a Nether block, with blue/purple.-The glowing Yellow Hell block (one that hangs from cielings, glows, and drops yellow dust) is a little brighter and more orange, I wanted it to look more like nether-Sulfur.-The creeper-faced mud stuff in Hell is now more purple/black.-Pumpkins are a brighter orange, they seemed really bland to me by default.


To install a texture pack, the file must first be obtained in a ZIP format. Without decompressing the file, place the ZIP file in:

  • Windows XP/Vista/7: %AppData%\.mincraft\texturepacks
  • Linux: ~/.minecraft/texturepacks
  • Mac OS X: ~/Library/Application Support/minecraft/texturepacks

This path can be opened by using the Open Texture Pack Folder button from the game client. Once a texture pack is installed, it can be selected in the Mods and Texture Packs screen accessible from the main menu, but not while a world is currently open.